BAM set up and supervise your cloud environments

Hello World !

Ladies and gentlemen please welcome BAM orchestrator the World

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our tool to make the most cloud providers !

I hope you guys are as excited as we are.

In numbers :

  • 15 years of experience of our team as hosting agency.
  • 6 years of work between the moment we imagined BAM orchestrator and the release
  • 30 people involved in developing this tool
  • 1 cloud provider AWS to start with, many more to come

Crazy ideas are the ones that seem impossible and that we manage to achieve.

BAM orchestrator came to life out of NEEDS. We created the tool because we wanted to make our use of cloud providers, harder, faster, better, stronger.

Eventhough BAM orchestrator is a new tool available on the market, it is a tool of maturity.

We spent day and night designing the perfect tool for you and your teams.

Let us know if you have any remarks, comments, suggestion. We would love to hear about that !